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Project Sierra Leone


Limb loss is one of the most physically and psychologically devastating events 
that can happen to a person. Not only does lower limb amputation cause major disfigurement, 
it renders people less mobile and at risk for loss of independence.”
 University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study

Introduction to Project Sierra Leone 
We know that as a result of the 10 year civil war (1991-2010) in Sierra Leone there are many amputees and polio patients who are still without a prosthetic device or a leg brace. Many of the amputees and polio patients who received a prosthetic or a leg brace now need to have them repaired or be replaced. We also know Freetown was designed to accommodate approximately 650 thousand people and that the current estimated population is at now at 2.6 million people. The largest population of amputees and polio patients reside in Freetown. Freetown is where Limbs For U begins.

(Image: Patient and soccer team player 
Saliz Lamin is shown being treated to remove shrapnel still in his leg since Sierra Leone's civil war.)

Limbs For U
is an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the USA and a nonprofit 
corporation registered in the State of Washington, United States of America. Limbs For U serves people with needs for prosthetic limbs and mobility devices such as braces. Limbs For U secures reusable limbs from patient clinics, individuals and manufacturers, and has partnered with Northwest Center (a Washington State, USA nonprofit organization) to inventory, refurbish limbs and limb components for shipment to Sierra Leone where limbs and others services are provided, working closely with the National Rehabilitative Center (NRC).
(Image: A worn-out artificial limb that seen it's day. 

"Many of the amputees and polio patients who received a prosthetic 
or a leg brace now need to have them repaired or be replaced." - Richard Toms, Limbs For U

MOBILITY - THROUGH THE PROVISION OF ARTIFICIAL LIMBS - Providing amputees and people afflicted by polio with refurbished artificial limbs is our first step and a core value. Receipt of a limb to become more mobile starts with an application process that also allows Limbs For U to determine the reading skills an of applicant.

Partnerships for Empowement - A major focus of Limbs For U's Empowerment Program assists individuals and businesses by placing adults with disabilities into employment settings in Freetown. The success of this program will be through the partnerships  created between eager and productive employees and progressive, supportive employers. We will match employee skills with businesses in need, providing training and orientation, and assisting employees when jobs change and/or new tasks are added.  Its all part of providing on-going, and continuing job support. LimbsFor U will be instrumental in creating partnerships with employers to create programs that take full advantage of  tax benefits related to addressing the employment needs of persons with disabilities. 

- built on a foundation of mobility and empowerment, Limbs For U's final step, goal and core value is to help amputees and polio patients realize their fullest potential as free and resourceful, gainfully employed human beings living productive and fruitful lives. This is all made possibile based on people coming together in the U.S. and on the African continent, and via their generosity, making a difference in people's lives. 

For more info about how you can contribute to our efforts, and make a difference in your own life, see our Donate Now page and Things We Need.  In what way can you make a difference? Please Contact Us . 

More soccer gear and forearm braces needed! - Soccer team members in Sierra Leone could use your help.  Do you and possibly other members of your church, have some soccer gear hanging around that you could donate and make wonderful use of?  e.g.  soccer shoes, soccer balls. Team members also need forearm braces. Please ship your tax-deductible in-kind donation directly to - 2602 S. 80th Street, Lakewood, Washington 98499, U.S.A.  - c/o Limbs For U,  and thank you, We will be sure to send you a tax-deductible receipt.