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PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PROJECT to employ Sierra Leone civil war amputees. Our SIERRA LEONE CARWASH ENTERPRISE, with your help will do a world of good. 

Civil War amputee Kadiatu Koroma now 23 is full of hope at the prospect of becoming gainfully employed  washing cars and living a better life. At age 9 rebels killed both of her parents right in front of her and then brutally cut off one of her legs. 

Today, there are literally thousands of Sierra Leone amputees being left out of the economy because they are considered to be "disabled" and thereore not able to work, and therefore not employable. 

With our new SIERRA LEONE CARWASH ENTERPRISE and your kind and generous help we intend to change that. You DONATION or $25, $50, or $100 will go a long way. Here's how your DONATION will be put to work:
  • $9.000 wil go to land and development
  • $4,698 will go  to buying pressure washer equipment and supplies
  • $7,748 will go a long way to pay for startup salaries for employees, maintenance, transportation, taxes, and miscellaneous expenses
Richard Toms

Image:  This young boy of two, lost his limb as an outcome of an infection. Your support of Limbs For U can help provide an artificial limb for children like him. 

It is estimated that the limbs of more than 10,000 people, were amputated during Sierra Leone's brutal civil war, and many were children like this young girl. Now older, they need new artificial limbs.

Civil War and poverty in Sierra Leone has had other consequences, an epidemic of polio has also swept the nation, impacting even the smallest children, and as they grew they needed new braces, and they need them now.  

Soccer team players with amputated limbs and afflicted with polio continue to inspire the hope of many, across Sierra Leone, and across the planet. Soccer team players need your support in the way of in-kind donations of soccer gear, forearm crutches, and financial support. 

Your Generous Donation Will Change A Life!   Please DONATE NOW:

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Whatever you can give, your donation will be greatly appreciated. Limbs For U is a Washington State 503 (c)3 non-profit organization in the United States of America and we'll send you our thank you letter acknowledging  receipt of your tax-deductible donation if you let us know who you are. 

Richard Toms
President, Limbs For U
Limbs For U is a registered non-profit corporation.
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