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Limbs For U is committed to helping children and adults who suffer from limb loss and limb deformities to access high-quality orthopedic limbs and rehabilitation services. Our secondary goal is to help create conditions within Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, that allow children and adults who suffer from limb loss and limb deformities to obtain the necessary supports for their successful (re)integration as productive members of their communities.


Many people in these regions lose their limbs through war, disease, work and traffic accidents. Because of inadequate health care, untreated infections frequently end in forced amputations; many people are born with severe limb deformities or no limbs at all. Others develop painful and debilitating conditions due to diabetes, polio, cerebral palsy or clubfoot. The end result is the same: a loss of mobility and independence.The disabled are often the poorest of the poor. Rehabilitation services are minimal and too expensive for them to access, especially in rural and remote areas. Unable to support themselves, amputees and other mobility impaired children and adults often rely on hand-outs and are condemned to lives of immobility and neglect.



The mission of Limbs For U is to provide amputees in developing countries and the United States with mobility, empowerment and freedom, using recyclable artificial limb components. 

We work with established clinics to provide our amputees with quality prosthetics containing recycled parts. We also assist with rehabilitation to continue to enhance their quality of life.


The vision of Limbs For U is to assist individuals in need of a prosthetic limb, who cannot afford all or part of their treatment.

Limbs For U is committed to finding ways to improve the lives of people living with limb loss and limb deformities, raising awareness about limb loss and limb deformities worldwide and educating the public about the recyclability of artificial limbs. Our goal is to use recyclable resources to positively improve the lives of amputees worldwide.

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