About Us

OUR MISSION - Limbs for U empowers amputees in developing countries like Sierra Leone to live an expanded life through the provision of artificial limbs, related components, polio leg braces and vocational employment training.

OUR CORE VALUES - The following are our core values:
  • MOBILITY - Limbs For U provides limbs and polio leg braces to people to help them become more mobile
  • EMPOWERMENT - Limbs For U empowers people through  vocational employment training.
  • FREEDOM - Limbs For U helps amputees and people with polio realize their fullest potential as free and resourceful human beings through skills development, employment, business opportunity, and recreational sports.

Those who cannot read or write or do not have a specific skill will be place in a special category and will be given an opportunity to complete an application once that have reached a level of reading and writing.


Each successful applicant must choose from the applicants who cannot read or write and must agree to mentor them for as long as it takes for that person to be able to read and write as to make them eligible for an artificial limb or leg brace.


YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE TRANSFORMATION - Ours is a transformation process both for you and for the people we serve, and whose lives we touch.  We therefore invite you to join in to help. Our programs provide a wonderful way to get involved and be a part of this transformation. For more info, about how to get involved, Contact Us
- There are literally millions of amputees and polio-afflicted people in developing countries in need of artificial limbs and leg braces that they are not able to afford. The good news is that in developed countries, there are millions of artificial limbs that people for one reason or another no longer use.

Limbs for U via its programs, obtains, reuseable limbs and leg braces provides them for amputees and people with polio who need them. Being able to receive an artificial limb, and become more mobile puts in motion the delivery of other vital services including access to health resources, peer-to-peer learning and information sharing that lead to empowerment. 

With mobility and empowerment, it then becomes possible for people with their new limbs to fulfill their potential with the help of additional programs, working collaboratively with Limbs for U's strategic business partners.